And yet some more. I love these concepts!

If these were real, I’d thrown down all the money for them.

I am a serious make-up nerd and am seriously considering making these kinds of sets for purchase. I think I’ll make some test sets for myself first! :)

I’m not a serious make-up, but someone please make the Tuxedo Mask mascara real. I will wear make-up every day, all the time just for that.


dat tuxedo mascara omg

Reblogging this to add some source (curemoon). I have no idea where that site found these images. There is something about Bandai and some Japanese magazine, but I can’t really understand the rest since I’m not fluent in Italian. 

But according to the source this is potential merch for adult fans. LET’S HOPE!

That’s not the source either, though. The Italian site just took the images and put their watermark over them, then decided to speculate that maybe they were going to be real products. They’re not.

They’re fanart from various Japanese fans, mostly users on Twitter. Some of them have the usernames written there. Here’s a compilation of most of them as they were mentioned on Twitter, though some of the original Tweets have since been deleted;

Pretty much all of these images seem to be there. It’s probably where the Italian website took them from.

Let’s not spread misinformation or encourage this website taking a bunch of other people’s unrelated fanart and treating it like (their) collective property.

Thank you for the information, I read the translated site, and it sounded like they were from bandai’s notes so to speak

Like I said, that “source” was really vague about the original source. But yay! A real, legit source!!

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    Now that we know generally what’s going to come out, I feel like bringing this back because I WANT THIS STUFF MORE UGH.
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    Is that tuxedo Mask maskara omg. Give me everything.
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    I’d buy them all. :|
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